Targeted Cryotherapy

The Ahesthetics Studio is a proud provider of the KaasenPro cryotherapy service in Stafford, VA. Our aim as a top-tier Medspa is to offer our clients wellness, in whatever form they might need the same. If you’ve been on the lookout for a reliable company that offers targeted cryotherapy near you, then you can rest easy and let us take care of you.

What Is Cryotherapy?

The term cryotherapy or  ‘cryo-stimulation’ literally means ‘stimulation using low temperature’ (“Cryo” from the Latinized form of Greek kryos for “icy cold” + “stimulation” – encouragement of something to make it develop or become more active) and is used as a modality to stimulate a beneficial physiological response from the body.

The KaasenPro by TruCryo is a hand-held battery powered device that creates localized CryoStimulation with various interchangeable nozzles for a variety of applications. It  uses the cooling power of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the same as the contents of the fire extinguishers often seen on office and clinic walls. The CO2 is in liquid form in the cylinder and as it leaves, it expands and cools to a very chilly -78oC (-107oF), providing a stream of cooling gas to apply to the skin.

When the area of skin is cooled quickly and sufficiently (in this case to 4oC/39oF in less than 30 seconds), the thermal shock causes blood vessels in the underlying tissue to constrict (vasoconstriction) as a way of protecting the body’s core temperature.

As soon as the cold source is removed, the body warms the area quickly by expanding the blood vessels to around 4 times their original diameter (vasodilation) to allow a rush of freshly oxygenated blood to saturate the tissue. Additionally, hormones, neurotransmitters, and nutrients flood into the area. At the same time, by-products and waste produced from natural body processes are removed from the area to be processed and disposed of by phagocytes and the lymph system.

The effect is for the localized tissue to receive all it needs to rejuvenate and to repair and restore its optimal functions:

Injured muscle tissue is relieved of systemic inflammation (at the optimum time as some inflammation is useful in the healing process) and fed with all the goodness and nutrients they need to recover faster. 
Aging and thinning skin is able to repair the basal cell layer to restore the supply of collagen, elastin, and hydration to regain a smoother, tighter appearance.

Body Sculpting & Slimming

The Ahesthetics Studio is a renowned body sculpt clinic in  Stafford, VA. 

CRYO-LIPOLYSIS – for fat freezing

When targeted extreme cold (around +4 degree C/39 degree F) is applied with the KaasenPro, fat cells (adipose tissue) start to die (apoptosis). This process is called Cryo-lipolysis. Specifically related to cellulite, the cold is also absorbed by the fibrous connective tissue, which cases the solubilisation of the collagen with consequent debridement of the tight non-elastic weft that strangles the lobules. The solubilisaton of the collagen, in addition to producing the loss of the pitted appearance of the skin , also makes it possible to reactivate the fibroblasts which are stimulated to produce new, more elastic collagen.

A recommended course of 5 treatments or more, 1 week apart will maximize results as you get to target another layer of adipose tissue with each session. Repeated sessions of cryotherapy have been shown to convert white fat to brown fat. The apoptosis process will continue over days, weeks and months post treatment.

Pain Management

CRYOSTIMULATION – for Pain Management

The KassenPro is a device that offers targeted cryostimulation – a medical treatment used for immediate pain relief through freezing within the temperature range of +5 to -4 degrees C. Cryostimulation encourages the release of hormones like adrenaline and B endorphins which are powerful natural pain killers while reducing systemic inflammation and muscle tension.

It stimulates improvement in blood flow and lymphatic drainage. A minimum of 5 sessions spaced 2-7 days apart is recommended for effective results.

As such, cryotherapy can be used to address the following injuries:
• Runner’s knee
• Tendonitis
• Sprains
• Arthritis pain
• Lower back pain
• Others

Skin Disorders

Scientific studies indicate that using cryo stimulation to induce a thermal shock will normalize healing of the skin plaques for those with psoriasis and eczema
Therefore reducing build-up of skin and dulls the receptors responsible for itching
Additionally, it will reduce the inflammation and thus calm the immune response to that area \
Reduces inflammation in the dermis which reduces the formation of Keloids in scar treatments

Cryo Facials

As we age the dermal layer of our skin thins, and we produce less collagen thereby causing wrinkles and sagging of the skin
The thermal shock of the KaasenPro causes a micro trauma to the skin’s epidermal layer
This micro trauma to the epidermal layer will result in a slowing down of the breakdown of collagen production and activates the collagen production in the epidermis, thereby increasing the firmness of the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles
Helps with acne by reducing inflammation and research shows it may reduce the production of oily skin thus reducing acne
Reduces adipose tissue in the neck and jaw line thereby causing a more chiseled appearance

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