With the level of pollution in the air and the daily stress of our everyday lives, it is more important than ever to take care of and nourish our skin. When you think about getting a facial, you most likely equate it to a lavish luxury facial cleanser that gets your skin glowing, or you think of blackhead removal; while a facial does do that, facials can, in fact, be more than just a beauty treatment. Not only will a facial leave your skin soft to the touch and more radiant, there are also three surprising health benefits of facials. 

Continue reading to learn more about the health benefits of facials:

Facials Relieve Stress

Stress starts in your face before moving on to other parts of your body. Emotional stress shows up almost instantly on our faces. There are 40 facial muscles in our face, and these muscles can get tender to the touch as a result of feeling stressed. Because our face has so many muscles and pressure points, a facial is a great way to reduce some of that tension. The light pressure of a facial minimizes the strain in the tenser parts of our face, such as the jaw and temples.

Not only do facials provide physical stress relief, but they also provide mental stress relief. The act of laying down and escaping reality for the duration of the facial allows you the opportunity to sit alone with your thoughts and forget the pressures of the real world. You may also find yourself feeling relaxed by the scent of the products being used or the aromatherapy in the room. Scents such as lavender are known for their stress-relieving benefits. 


Facials Reduce Congestion

It may seem like an unlikely solution, but a facial is excellent for congestion and sinus issues. If you find yourself congested and suffering from a mucus build-up, the combination of pressure and warmth applied during a facial is a great way to provide relief and alleviate your discomfort.

The process is simple and effective. The aesthetician will gently massage around your sinuses located behind your cheekbones, above your eyebrows, and between your eyes, breaking up the built-up mucus. After the process, you’ll feel some much-needed relief along with fresh, glowing skin. Getting a facial is a fantastic natural alternative to over-the-counter solutions, plus it comes with extra benefits. Your skin and your sinuses will feel great. 


Facials Promote Circulation

Proper circulation is essential for cell rejuvenation and improving blood flow, which results in healthy cells. Poor circulation in the face can cause blotchy and uneven skin tone as well as premature aging. Going for a facial treatment several times a year is highly recommended to consistently keep the blood flowing in your face. This process can help reduce fine lines and redness and improve the function of the muscles in your face.

The health benefits of getting regular facials are easy and don’t require any significant lifestyle changes. If you want to feel great, look and feel healthy, don’t neglect your skin. It is, after all, our largest organ. Treat your skin and benefit within.

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