Lipotropic-Plus Injections

Boost Weight Loss, Energy and More! 

Lipotropic injections aid the process of weight loss and work alongside weight loss diets and workout plans while also improving energy. The unique combination of B vitamins and amino acids improve liver detoxification, break down and release stored fat, and enhance metabolism. They also can improve and and mental clarity, liver and gall bladder function , as well as aid in the preservation of lean body tissue (muscle) and enhance the absorption of essential nutrients.

Some common lipotropes are:
• Vitamin B-12
• Methionine
• Inositol
• Choline

• Weight loss
• Improves energy
• Liver detoxification
• Breaking down of fat
• Metabolism
• Mental clarity
• Gall bladder function
• Nutrient absorption

Risks Associated With Rehydration:
• Short stinging pain which may be distressing for children
• Infection developing at the IV site
• Veins collapse leading to bruising
• IV becoming dislodged, causing bruising
• Nutrient imbalance

Risks And Side Effects:
Choose a clinic with a physician that knows what they are doing. Some injections may not work for some people. Side effects vary from person to person.